Women are inherently submissive. They adhere to clear rules and social structures set by whoever is in charge. Generally, this is a man or corporation of people that they respect – either through fear, admiration or both. They are also innately agreeable, meaning they are more easily led. But you must be careful about who is the boss in your woman’s life. Your woman viewing her employer as more of a ‘boss’ then you can spell trouble in the home. They will not say this out right, as they don’t like overt conflict, but they will subconsciously test you, prod you, to see who her real ‘boss’ is.  A clear line must be drawn. 

The past few generations of women are the first that have ‘bosses’ outside of the home. Concurrently, we have also seen a stark increase in divorces, cheating and an inversion of the feminine and the masculine. 

It is in your best interest to build a world for your women, in which she can step into and you are the clear authority figure. You lead, build the structures and set the boundaries. Enable her to be at home, nurturing children, and following her creative passions. Not a corporate cog, listening and submitting to other men in suits. This is not in your, or your family’s best interest. 


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