Men have been bred to fight for millenia. We have clubs built into our hands. 

But in this modern age, with the law, weapons and civillity, why is it still important to be a dangerous man?

It enables you to become disagreeable.

It gives you the confidence to say what you feel, without fear of conflict. Once you have become combat trained your place in the world becomes much clearer. You understand where you are amongst your peers, who you can dominate, and who can potentially dominate you. It gives you power and place.


Because, through training, sparring and discipline you have purposely wrapped yourself in the arms of physical conflict, and survived. Yes, you may take a few knocks and bruises on the way, but by the very nature of surviving these trials, you gain the confidence to enter the world and state your claim. It is the law of contrast “well if I got through that, then I sure as hell can do this.”.

When you put yourself in the worst possible scenarios and survive, you gain a new sense of yourself. 

Women love men who have survived, they are betrothed to the winners of this world. The survival of the fittest. 

If you can survive in the gym, then you can defend them. You have a physical presence, you can protect. You can fill the void of vulnerability that femininity creates in their life. 

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