Contrary to popular belief, the abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam have been structured in such a way, as to protect women. It is in man’s best interest to spread his seed far and wide, impregnating as many women as possible and forgoing the laws of civil society. However, it is within womens biological imperative, to find a man who has enough resources and protection to help raise the child, as they were not able to do this on their own. Here we have a clear opposition. 

Religions such as Christianity and Islam aid women in adhering to this reproductive need by developing a few key laws, that align these two opposing base natures of man and woman.

This in particular, being the law of chastity/adultery and marriage. Man’s biological imperative is to find a virgin, as this ensures paternity – a strong man will always find value in chastity. Contrastingly, this is a non issue for women. The priority for women is having access to resources in order to raise/protect the child. By codifying the laws of chastity in the Bible and Quran, men were able to ensure paternity, while women had a strong source of leverage in their chasteness. 

The ultimate leverage in a relationship is sexual access. In a fully religious society, in which all the women would refuse sexual access unless marriage was confirmed, the man had no choice but to subdue his lustful nature, and engage in marriage. If the woman was marrying a decent man, she would secure resources for her children and the man would secure paternity to his children by knowing his woman had only been with him. If the man decided to cheat with a ‘wh**re*’, the woman would be shamed and labeled a harlot, and the wife would still remain taken care of. If the man was of status and wealth, wanting to spread his seed more broadly, he would find another wife and produce children with them, however all wives had to be well resourced, as this was the covenant of marriage. Once again, both sexes have their biological imperatives taken care of. 

These two religions were in a constant battle to protect women against the nature of man. Another example, both religions ascertain their women should dress modestly, as to not attract the ire of another man. Christianity address this more broadly as an ideal, in Islam it is expressed specifically, through the hijab. Why? Because these religions have a deep understanding of man’s base nature. They understand that the lust of another man can result in acts of violence. 

They also understand that women are the emotional sex, they buid strong emotional attachements to their partners – this is by biological design. They are not emotionally designed for rejection. Yet in our modern society, we normalize ‘break ups’, the concept of boyfriend/girlfriend, and hook up culture – all of which damage the mental state of the women and their future relationship prospects.


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