Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and the rest are all luxuries of our modern society. Only in the last 50 to 100 years did people in the western world have enough wealth in order to afford the luxury of analyzing their own feelings. ‘Happiness’ was not the default setting, survival was. In the odd moments in which you had enough, you could then sit and appreciate or contemplate the world around you.

Apply this concept to your life. Ask yourself, do I have the luxury of analyzing my own mental state? Have I achieved enough to deserve to be sad?

If you were to approach a man a 100 years ago, and tell them you didn’t feel like getting out of bed today because you were ‘depressed’, they would laugh in your face and tell you to get on with it.

“I get bored easily because i have ADHD”.

What? Put simply, absolutely no one would care. There was survival on the line. Can you do the job or not? If you cannot, please leave. Although harsh, this is the reality for men. It is binary, can you execute – yes/no. It is almost the same today, except people will feign empathy. 

For those who can push through, riches await. For those who cannot, you will enjoy the fake pity of the world around you. 

By giving these mental illnesses titles, it enables us to shift ownership from ourselves, onto a diagnosis. I cannot do X because I have Y. But truly, the world does not care. So why should you? It gives us permission to take shortcuts, for the quick fix ‘medication’, that makes all of our problems disappear.

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