Chaste – Chastity acts as a siv. It is only valuable to men who understand feminine and masculine polarity. If they do not understand it’s value and say things such as ‘Oh it doesn’t matter to me’, they are either lying and want to use you for sex, or are completely ignorant to the feminine and masculine dichotomy. In both cases you should leave the situation, as this spells for disaster when it comes to long term relationship dynamics.

To be chaste in this world is an absolute form of leverage, why? Because you are in low supply, and high demand, whereas they are in high supply and low demand. It is the biggest competitive advantage you can have over other women. Yes, above beauty – let’s say for example, you are 2 points beneath another girl in beauty, but she has slept with multiple men, and you haven’t, a principled man will understand where  true value lies. 

Nurturing – It is in women’s nature to nurture. A women who acknowledges this, and is able to ignore the modern day societal conditioning, calling on them to be a wage slaves – will draw the attention of principled men. Principled men do not select women based on financial status. Remember this when deciding to sacrifice your most fertile years to your career or education. 

Loyal – Do not be friends with other men. Do not go on girls nights out. 

Dress Feminine – Be beautiful. Long hair. Not dyed.  Stop wearing pants. Wear dresses and skirts. They are feminine. Masclunine and feminine polarity. It is simple. 

Modest – Employ the law of contrast. In an age full of h*es, a modestly dressed woman stands out. It shows you only want the attention of your man, not the attention of the world’s men. Ties into not posting on social media. 

Not on medication – A woman is pure at birth. Do not ruin what god has given you with pills – whether it be birth control, depression/anxiety medication or drugs. You have been given the gift of implicit value, do not ruin it.

There is so much more to say on each of these factors, comment below what you would like to be expanded upon.  

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