To purposefully do nothing is a form of action. When faced with a problem, some choose to simply ignore it and hope it goes away. Although it may seem a lazy choice, it was a decided upon choice. And sometimes this choice of nothingness is the right course of action. 

When the woman of your life is in an emotional state, looking to get a rise out of you, is the best course of action to also get emotional, say things you regret and descend into a chaotic state? No, sometimes it is best to simply sit back, let the situation unfold and not feed such chaotic flames. Once the situation has settled, you can then more rationally determine what the best response is. This was calculated inaction, dictated upon by calmness, followed by a decisive response. Nothing wild or reactive. 

You may ask, but what do I say when she is waiting for a response? Nothing. Just look at her and take in how she feels. It will enable you to understand the place she is in. Then when the time is right, act. 

When hunting, men would wait in nothingness for hours or days at a time, patiently and calmly, waiting for their time to act decisively. 

When a child falls over and scrapes their knee, they immediately look for their mother or father to see how to react. If the parents are freaking out, fear is immediately instilled – am I going to die? Contrastingly, if the child looks at the parents, and they are calm, with no sign of threat etched on to their face, she knows nothing is truly wrong. The first is an act of reactive chaos, the second is the act of nothingness. 

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