If you are reading this content, then you have identified that there is something wrong with the world. 

We are inundated with people saying they are depressed, anxious, misidentified, cant find their purpose. 

The list goes on. 

Now more than ever, do people feel the need to identify as ‘smart’. Mind you, this is in an age where infinite knowledge is at our fingertips. So what is the value of being ‘smart’? What is the value in repeating whatever talking point you have read? In today’s age, the only value is in action. 

In a sporting competition, in particular combat sports, when the adrenaline is high and the man across the ring is coming to take your head off, are you thinking? No, you are running on instinct. The years of training, the months of training camp are coming out on display. You have no time to think. You must rely on action. Thinking means you are not acting, and not acting may result in death.

So in life, why do we think about our most minute decisions? Whether you know it or not, what you choose has already been chosen by the years of programming you have experienced. By the principals, values and subconscious mindset you have. 

THINKING about whether you should talk to the girl, will result in the devil making his way into your mind, planting the seeds of inaction.

THINKING will result in a constant state of anxiety. 

THINKING will stop you from taking risks because they don’t make ‘logical sense’. 

THINKING will make you subservient to the politically correct society. 

REFLECTION upon experience is what will help you intuitively make better decisions in the future. 

If you are thinking to yourself, well what am I to do, I have the wrong programming, does that mean that no matter what I am trapped in this mindset? 

No, but you will not THINK your way out of it. You must take action, take heed and reflect upon your new experiences, adopt a mentor and use their programming, kill the old self and over time you will see the shift in your reality. 

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