Being disagreeable – put simply, is the ability to say no.

It is the ability to have a line that cannot be crossed under any circumstances.

More importantly, it is what enables a man to have a set of principles. It becomes clear when a line has been crossed, as your principles start to be encroached upon. This is when you act.

It is what enables us to find the truth in all situations and consistently act in accordance with reality, and not a fake politically correct world. It is a refusal to comply our way out of conflict. 

It is what enables us to defend our country, religion, family, women and children.

It is what enables us to set clear boundaries and frameworks for sexual relationships. 

It is what separates us from needing the validation and safety of a societal structure.

The fact is, being disagreeable is dangerous. Telling the wrong family, person or institution they are wrong can have deadly consequences. But by the very nature of your survival, you are doing something right. This is why women love disagreeable men. Because they have survived and thrived, while being scrutinized by all those around them. They are the heroes.

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